Tree f Silence

What is Awakening?

Awakening is an option for YOU... NOW... without having to deserve it, without needing to modify your behavior and habits or purify your thoughts in any way! NO... REALLY!!! 

It has been kept hidden from us by grandiose spiritual promises of a future reward that we must earn. It has been covered up with layers and layers of mystical bullshit and secrets, generated by huge spiritual egos, disguised as humble servants of God. But the truth is, that we were born with all the ingredients necessary for awakening. It is our birthright, and with the help of an awakening guide, it can be re-activated in a relatively easy manner. Awakening is the ability to "bypass" the mind's participation when necessary. It is the moment when Being is recognizing itself. It is not awakening from one contrast-reality to another. Realizing that humanity has been controlled and manipulated and standing tall with a new self-image is not true awakening. Awakening is simply the self-activation of the lost ability to interface with all existence in a unifying manner.

The video is a short question and answer session on Awakening between Gabor Harsanyi, the master of silence, and Ben Mango, and refers to Gabor Harsanyi's book Functional Silence.