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Awakening is an option for YOU... NOW... without having to deserve it, without needing to modify your behavior and habits or purify your thoughts in any way! NO... REALLY!!! 

It has been kept hidden from us by grandiose spiritual promises of a future reward that we must earn. It has been covered up with layers and layers of mystical bullshit and secrets, generated by huge spiritual egos, disguised as humble servants of God. But the truth is, that we were born with all the ingredients necessary for awakening. It is our birthright... read more

19th July 2017

In the next few months, we will be starting an awakening online course led by Gabor Harsanyi. Courses will typically last around four weeks with one session per week. The course will be delivered using a live video link with Gabor. Spaces on the course will be limited so as to give the focus that is needed for each participant. Gabor will be giving his teachings and exercises on how to wake up and experience being.

Many of these exercises and teachings will be based on his book "Functional Silence" which can be purchased from Amazon

We will confirm all the details in... read more

4th July 2017

Come and join our new Facebook group, The Gabor Harsanyi - Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening Group. 

Join the Gabor Harsanyi Facebook Group

Joining the group will give you access to regular updates from Gabor on his publications and videos, allow you to send your questions about awakening directly to Gabor, talk to other members and get the latest news on courses and retreats.

We look forward to welcoming you and taking part in the discussion!

Gabor Harsanyi is an awakening guide who initiates awakening and access to one... read more

4th July 2017

Gabor Harsanyi has just published his new book: Functional Silence: de-Mystifying Awakening for the Spiritually Exhausted. This is a practical guide on awakening and will be invaluable reading if you're thinking of going on any courses or retreats with Gabor.

Here are some of the reviews for the book:

"This book is a goldmine of liberating hints and is a must read for anyone who is searching for guidance in this jungle of misleading information. I am simply delighted, I find the expressions and metaphors beautifully enlightening and simply helpful to anyone who wishes to escape from the slavery that we have been conditioned to believe to be freedom. I... read more

16th June 2017