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A one-day awakening intensive with Gabor Harsanyi

Saturday 21st July 2018

10am to 5pm


The Kingston Quaker Centre
Fairfield East
Kingston upon Thames


One Day Awakening Intensive with Gabor Harsanyi


On Saturday 21st July Gabor Harsayni will be coming to Kingston, just outside London to give a one day awakening intensive. This is a great opportunity to receive the teachings from Gabor firsthand. If you are not already familiar with Gabor's teachings and his direct approach then read on to get a better idea of how Gabor can help you and is able to achieve results where over 90% of his students are able to come into presence and experience their true being.

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Information About the Course

Most new age teachings are premised on accumulation of spiritual knowledge. We acquire more and more of it and store it in our spiritual memory bank. As we get disillusioned from one teaching we bounce over to another that seems to hold more promise and, naturally, we expect to “add to” or “build upon” the stored data that we have amassed. This is all very common and it is also the proof that our spirituality is being pursued on a mind level.

The “Functional Silence” critical path takes us beyond the mind. Here the mental activities of “building upon” and “adding to” are no longer relevant. Any attempt to use this teaching in order to beef up the spiritual templates we have developed will only keep us trapped on a mind level and we will never be able to “get” the much necessary nourishment of our innate royal heritage.

This path is designed to bring about the kind of awakening where one’s Being recognizes itself and consciousness re-gains its rightful throne and re-accepts its natural role of leading one’s life, while the mind becomes a willing servant. It also ensures that one learns to function from a new platform of living and is able to integrate one’s entire life into this new reality.

While feeling or Being is at the center of this renewed way of existence, prior to being initiated onto this critical path, we still seem to be ruled by the mind. If we weren’t, we would not need any course in awakening, where the primary goal is to re-establish the mind in its rightful place as a servant that allows Being to by-pass it at will and function from a space of silence. This mind has spent years accumulating concepts, beliefs, mental templates of fear and desire and, most importantly, a self-image that is hell bent on preserving itself at all cost, especially if it has been tainted by spirituality. For this reason, the “Functional Silence” critical path contains a very important intellectual component, that is aimed at satisfying the mind with explanations that it can grasp so that it can finally surrender and give its consent to be over-ruled and to be re-set.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider here is that on this path our values must shift. We come to see that true value is not in “more & more”. It is never about accumulating information or a continuation of whatever path we were on prior to this one. The Functional Silence teaching is about leaping out of or "by-passing" the mind with all its accumulated treasures. Thus, it is either easy or impossible. It is extremely easy, if the principles are adopted and practiced without comparing them to what we already know. By the same token, it is impossible to succeed on the path to awakening if any portion of the mind is attempting to accomplish this.

There are certain things, like the nitty-gritty of the “how to”, that can only be transmitted in person or in a seminar setting with Gabor, as they are mostly custom made to each individual. Putting them in words would only keep you “thinking” about them, rather than BEING. Many of Gabor’s students from around the globe are experiencing effortless awakening by following the techniques given to them and by continuously writing to Gabor to check their understanding and practice.

Gabor’s students don’t sit around him basking in his “Look how I can BE!” state. He does not “sell” himself to his students, but rather “shows” his students a way to find their own authentic Being, with a “Look at how you can BE!” approach… making them free and independent. He continuously comes up with new concepts to destroy old false spiritual concepts and then he immediately discards his new made-up ones, so that the freedom from all mental concepts can reign supreme.


IcebergMuch like an iceberg under the water in the ocean, most of the achievements will be “non-sensible” or unidentifiable by the mind and senses. However, you will know when you will be able to control space. You have gone through an automatic space re-contextualization and your ability to control space will be predicated upon life situations.

There is, nonetheless, a portion that will seep through like the peak of the iceberg that is seen above the water. These identifiable benefits are:

  • You will be able to speak from presence
  • You will be able to handle relationships much better
  • Your career may take a positive new and satisfying direction
  • You will be able to parent your children from presence, thus allowing them to be heard and seen and maintain and develop the gifts they came to this world with
  • You are now functioning from a new platform of living where you can affect every aspect of your life in a conscious way, making desired results permanent.

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Saturday, July 21, 2018